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You want to expand your knowledge into a specific scientific area or you want to improve your skills in literature? Archeology? Technology? Or maybe physics? No, problem! Top Universities offer high- quality online courses. You are aware of that but you don’t have the money? Well, you don’t have to worry, as there are Universities that offers a plentitude of online courses for free through the open course ware consortium! Isn’t that great!

What is the open course ware consortium and why it is helpful?

Open Courseware (OCW) is a free and open digital publication of high quality university-level educational materials, often including syllabi, lecture notes, assignments and exams. Open educational resources are based on the notion that knowledge and education are common goods that must be supported by a defined community.

While OCW initiatives typically do not provide a degree, credit, certification, or access to instructors, the materials are made available, for free, under open licenses for use and adaption by educators and learners around the world.

Open educational content is a concept that will advance human knowledge, creativity, lifelong learning, and the social welfare of educators, students, and self-learners across the globe.


In the following list you can find some of the best free online universities courses that will help you to enhance your skills or your knowledge.

1.       Massachusetts  Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT has one of the best open ware programs, which offer 1,800 courses in architecture and planning, engineering, health science and technology, humanities, arts and social sciences, management and science. No registration is needed. The Open Ware Program is completely free, even though you can make a donation if you are in to it! Choose the course you are interested in and get started immediately! That simple! Once you have chosen your course, you can download the course material, read the summary of the course, the highlights and the syllabus, the calendar of the course lectures given in the university, useful bibliography and assignments. Some courses have also video lectures!


2. The Open University of London (

The Open University is one of the most honorable institutes of UK. Its learning space is one of the best you can find online. There is a variety of courses to choose and materials to find. The registration is completely free, it does not make any future requirements of you, but it gives you the opportunity to use the learning tools of the site and free and unlimited access to the community. This option is what makes this Open Ware Program one of the most useful. With the tools you can organize and make sense of your studies. Access to the community can help you to meet people with the same interests in the open learning education and give you the support you may need as you don’t have a tutor in this free learning program. In open leaning you can find topics like arts and history, business and management, education, health and lifestyle, IT and computing, Law, Mathematics and Statistics, Modern Languages, Science and Nature, Society, Study Skills, Technology. Each topic has its own forum for discussion.


3. Carnegie Mellon University(

The open courses of the Carnegie Mellon University are called Open Learning Initiative. Using intelligent tutoring systems, virtual laboratories, simulations, and frequent opportunities for assessment and feedback, OLI builds courses that are intended to enact instruction – or, more precisely, to enact the kind of dynamic, flexible, and responsive instruction that fosters learning. OLI offering a variety of courses in topics like biology, chemistry, engineering, logic and proofs, visual communication design and many more

4. Tufts University (

Like MIT Tufts University has its own Open Ware Program aspired by the new dynamic of education through internet. Courses are categorized by School and the offers are in fields as dental medicine, medicine, nutrition, science and arts. Tufts Open Ware Program is completely free, does not require any registration, and publishes course materials. Through this program you cannot obtain any certification, diploma or degree and you have not been provided any access to the faculties of the university; however feedback is shared.

5. Stanford

Stanford University, is one of the most leading Universities not only in the United States but it is also well-known all around the world. Stanford collaboration with the i-Tunes U creates the Open Stanford on i-Tunes. It provides access to a wide range of Stanford courses and learning materials via the i-Tune store, Apples popular online music, video and podcast service. The project includes two sites. The first is publicly  accessible and free for everyone, and includes courses lectures, videos, podcasts , event highlights and much more. The second one, is an access restricted site for the Stanford students and community.

6. University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Berkley is one of the best public American universities. You can find a range of different courses in webcasts. Useful if you are the type of learner who wants to listen to a tutor. The topics being covered in the open learning program are biology, law, chemistry and physics.

7. Utah State University

Also one great free learning program from the Utah University. The Open Course Ware gives the opportunity to people from all around the world to access course material from the formal campus lectures. Anthropology, biology, economics, environmental, human development and history are only a few topics of what you can find in the website. The courses are offered only in text, but you have can download it in a zip file.

8. Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

In this website you can find one of the biggest business course collection with over than 90 free, available courses. Topics which included in the free courses are accounting, management, business planning, finance, international business management, small business tax and many more. All programs are accessible 24/7 and you can learn with your own pace. It is also provided a voice over for all programs and video for some of them.

9. University of South Queensland

The University of South Queensland in Australia, offers another open ware program, which provides free access to university students, faculty members and self-learners through all around the world. USQ is initially offering sample courses from each of the five faculties and also courses from its Tertiary Preparation Program.

10. University of California, Irvine

The University of California offers an open ware program too. Actually, it became a member of the open ware consortium just recently. That is why the courses being listed in the website is handful, but it grows every day.  The courses cover topics like financial planning and human resources. You can find course materials like syllabi, lecture notes, assignments and exams.











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  1. matt said,

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. Clovis Miglioli said,

    This is one of the most interesting way to help people around the world to get instructed.
    With the sponsor of renomade Universities a low cost and easy access, only need a people effort to reach objetives.

  3. Clovis Miglioli said,

    This is one of the most interesting way to help people around the world to get instructed.
    With the sponsor of renomade Universities a low cost and easy access, only need a people effort to reach objectives.

  4. Chika said,

    nice one

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